About Us

Truth has layers and a depth that can be difficult to uncover. Within groups and teams, truth can be hidden behind the individual needs, wants and values that each of us hold, yet we’re afraid to disclose. In our highly competitive and ever demanding society, we have built a “system” where the pressure is always on. For most of us, it’s a fight to gain stability and security to live comfortably, let alone to find and maintain peace, happiness, and joy on a consistent basis. 

Most employees have subordinated their needs, wants and values to that of the company they work for, or the industries they support. However, if you ask the bosses of these companies if that was their original intent– the answer is usually no. But, somewhere along the way, organizations, leaders and employees may have lost sight of what is truly important–shared values, needs and wants–where everyone is getting exactly what they need. 

How can we evolve ourselves, our businesses and society in order to gain the true freedom that is inherently important to each of us? 

The answer…we must call attention to this truth! We must continue to develop ourselves, adapt to new realities, and be brave enough to make the changes that not only serve us now but will give us the best opportunity to evolve into the future.

Leading Evolution Group’s mission is to facilitate crucial conversations that draw out the hidden truths, motivations, ideals and values in organizations and teams. We help inspire, empower, enlighten and evolve leaders in the boardroom to a place where they start leading from the heart – with compassion and empathy, into achieving exceptional results. Because, when leaders are inspired, they inspire their teams. And when teams are inspired, the entire organization thrives. 

Meet the Team

Lead Facilitators, Justin Nimock and Jessica Rink co-host our team engagement programs. Both are leaders committed to the success of others.

Justin Nimock

Motivate. Inspire. Engage.

Justin has spent the last 10 years working to change the financial management industry from the inside out. Starting out on a father-son team for a large corporate investment firm, he evolved his business into a highly successful independent operation focused on bringing insight and intention, strategy and wisdom to the subject of money and investments. Formerly the President of the DTC Young Professionals group for nearly a decade, Justin created a mentorship program designed to elevate millennial leaders to their highest potential. Eventually, Justin was asked to lead the DTC Chamber of Commerce. In this role, he found his passion to lead and inspire, hosting monthly mindfulness roundtables and community meetings, focusing on individual self-development in group settings. 

Justin’s passion includes the evolvement and creation of intentional teams and healthy group dynamics. He believes that in order to truly thrive, organizations must commit to a new version of success, one that is created from the foundations of openness, empathy and inclusivity. Justin’s personal core values are freedom, connection, intention and passion.

Jessica Rink

Empower. Envision. Encourage.

Jessica spent over 20 years working for some of the best organizations in the world, from Fortune 100 companies to nonprofit and government agencies. Her experience in working alongside CEOs and industry leaders is varied and vast (and she’ll tell you that every leader, no matter the industry or job title, deals with similar challenges). She holds a Masters in Public Administration and a BS in Business, and is a certified professional facilitator with extensive experience in communications and leadership development. 

Jessica has a passion to create great workplaces – where employees feel seen, valued, and heard, and are inspired to deliver their best every single day. She operates under personal core values of integrity, joy, empathy and vision.