The process of evolution…

You’ve heard it all before. Your business will succeed if you would only “use this tool” here and “streamline your productivity” there. But what about the success of the inner workings of your business–your people and culture? Do you know why your employees show up to work every day? How can you inspire them to be their best in their roles and beyond? Is that even your responsibility?

We know you started your company to change the world…or at least your corner of it. We also know that balancing the demands of your bottom line while managing a productive team can be complicated. That’s why the Leading Evolution Group developed the PLACER Method of Leadership. To meet businesses where they’re at and help them develop the leadership potential of their biggest asset – their people. Because when you invest in your team—when they feel seen, understood and challenged correctly—a collective evolution begins.

The principles of the PLACER Method of Leadership contain tenets of timeless wisdom spanning generations of personal development and leadership. The adoption of these principles will evolve your team–fully transforming your business and everyone’s’ experience of it.

P – Personal Responsibility: too often, when something goes wrong, we point fingers and race to blame someone else. Simply put, if you have a problem, it is your job to fix it.

L – Lead by Being: your state of being determines your experience. If you are the type to wait for circumstances to change before you step up, you may be waiting a while for your chance to lead.

A – Authenticity: somewhere within us, we know what we want to say. Why do we hesitate or dilute ourselves to fit what we think others want to hear. The reality is, we are doing a major disservice to ourselves and those around us when we resist speaking our truth.

C – Collaboration: solid group dynamics rely on good communication. Good communication requires having people who are willing to speak up. Inspiration builds on inspiration. What is preventing your team from sharing their best ideas with one another?

E – Empathy: perhaps the single most underrated–under-spoken of—aspect of human relationships in business today. What builds an empathetic culture? Leaders willing to make a daily practice of shifting their personal perspectives to that of their teams’. Sure, you may have a good vision, but in order to elevate the potential of your group, you have to be willing to understand your people and where they’re coming from.

R – Real Impact: this is so much more than next quarter’s numbers. Real impact involves the passion and purpose of everyone in your organization. Good leaders continuously ask these foundational “whys” every day: why are we doing this, what impact will our decisions have, and how do we get our team more involved to share in this success?

Leading Evolution Group delivers these principles to your team in an organic and comprehensive way; through a multi-week workshop and specialized coaching designed to inspire everyone your people to step up to their biggest potential. We build on your team’s existing strengths, while challenging assumptions. We’ll have some honest, gritty and breakthrough-producing conversations together, helping your team to emerge with newfound abilities and leadership skills that inevitably translate to your bottom line. Companies that invest in their teams reap the benefits for years to come. Companies that don’t get left behind. Let us help your business evolve to its brightest future.